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With years of experience in the local Kansas City area, we are your specialist when it comes to the rental market.

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Over 25+ Years of property management Experience in KC

Our property managers are local to Kansas City, giving us knowledge of the entire metro area. We like to think of ourselves as the local experts in the rental market. We strive daily to give excellent service to both our investors and tenants.


"What Makes Us Different"

We know that for a company to stay successful, it must put the interest of its clients at heart. At II & III we do our best to understand every customer’s needs and we are willing to customize services to meet these needs.

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Day to day management of properties for owners. Always available for our tenants. We are a professional property management company that acts with integrity and treats all clients with courtesy and respect.

"What are our values"

Honest, trustworthy, and above all our rental relationships with our tenants and investors are most important. We believe in partnerships and that a team approach is the best solution.

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