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Kansas City Rental Market Specialists

II & III started as a small company managing a few rentals in the area. As our company reputation and portfolio grew so did our rentals and investors. Our employees are from all around Kansas City giving us ample knowledge of the city. As a company that also owns rentals and has been a tenant before we see the entire picture.


The History of II and III Property Management

25+ Years Of Experience

“True professionals! I have partnered with Trey and Nia to both list and manage my residential real-estate properties. I’ve never received anything shy of top-notch service and excellent results! Highly recommend.”

Mike - Kansas City, Kansas

How it Began

My parent’s first rental property was purchased in the mid-80s as something they could build together. As I entered college, at the University of Kansas, my parents purchased a 4 plex for me to live in and learn more about property management. After I graduated college, I shifted careers for a bit. Later I decided I wanted to get back into the family business in 2000. As my family’s portfolio of homes and passion grew we made the decision that we wanted to help others do the same. We started managing other owner’s properties in 2004. In 2007, we officially created the name II and III Property Management. As we have continued to grow as a company, our vision, standards, service, and dedication to our clients have always remained our top priority.


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II & III Property Management Team

Our team strives to always raise the bar in property management. We always try our best to achieve excellence in the service we provide to our owners, investors, and tenants. With an extensive knowledge of the property management fields and a network of real estate professionals in the area, we provide top-notch full service.

Trey McDonald

Owner and CEO

Nia Thomas

Director of Operations

Chris Hayes

Property Manager

George Huber